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greetings, weary traveler of the internet. welcome to lorekeeping, my internet home. this place is an unholy chimera of all my interests, hobbies, and passions. im paul (or riley,) a 19 (going on 20) year old artist with a passion for pokemon. yes the current index is guilty gear themed. but my special interest is pokemon, at the end of the day. this place is a bit of a mess, so i hope you dont mind...
about lorekeeping ive been using neocities for about a year now (as of early 2024.) my first site was a disaster, but it was my disaster. ive burnt through several neocities since then, always because i was dissatisfied with what i had made, but couldn't bear to throw it away. but now we're here, on, what, V3 of lorekeeping? i havent really been keeping track. i change the index almost monthly. god help me.

5/4/24 - extremely minor adjustment to index

4/27/24 - new art page, new journal entry

4/20/24 - haha 4/20. new index/about pages are up

4/6/24 - templates page is now up! only one so far, but im very proud of it

4/2/24 - redid asuka's shrine, collections page

4/1/24 - something something simplicity is key. new index page bc the old one was giving me a headache. added templates tab for some templates im planning to make.

3/26/24 - babe wake up new update. improved art page using the arcane magic known as iframes

3/14/24 - new about page, going to add a collections page in the future!

3/9/24 - added a singular site button as per a request

2/29/24 - added a photo gallery. will spice up the page a bit more later

2/27/24 - new blog/journal layout (wip)

2/23/24 - NEW- (coughs up blood) NEW INDEX GUYS

2/18/24 - added a random quote generator to the index. it refreshes the quote on page reload :)

2/17/24 - ryuki shrine, changes to index

2/16/24 - starting work on the pokemon character wiki! unfortunately the oc page has been sacrificed to the wall of flesh to make room.

2/10/24 - new blog post

2/5/24 - the oc pagening begins...

2/3/24 - asuka and will shrines

2/2/24 - blue shrine redone, fancy new 404

1/31/24 - shrine page added. no actual shrines yet, though...

1/30/24 - more page overhauls

1/29/24 - n. new landing page guys. imagine that.

1/25/24 - minor updates to landing page

1/17/24 - new art page

1/16/24 - new about page

1/11/24 - hey! look! new layout AGAIN! because i cant keep a layout for more than a month, apparently

12/22/23 - blue shrine

12/20/23 - first oc page redone

12/15/23 - pokemon shrine, updates

12/14/23 - journal and art pages added

12/12/23 - FUCK I REDID THE LANDING PAGE AGAIN+new about page

12/10/23 - the site overhaul begins. uh oh. hang tight

12/8/23 - finally updated the art section a little. unfortunately, i redesigned most of my ocs, and now have to redo their sections! god help me.

12/1/23 - finals are over! should be able to update more now. index should also look good on larger screens now

11/9/23 - *coughing up blood* new landing page

11/4/23 - the site is no longer spooky. its area zero time baby

10/26/23 - phoenix oc page + asuka shrine redone

10/22/23 - redoing art and oc pages.... again...

10/20/23 - new oc page

10/17/23 - tomodachi life page updated

10/15/23 - redoing oc pages

10/12/23 - more general updates

10/11/23 - pokemon shrine updates

10/10/23 - trying to update all the pages that need work...

10/9/23 - new landing page! again! might overhaul the site...

10/7/23 - new sky high page layout

10/6/23 - journal page

10/4/23 - redid OC page layout

10/2/23 - ooo spooky

10/1/23 - new about page

9/30/23 - zinzolin.

9/28/23 - cyrus shrine

9/27/23 - will shrine! asuka shrine! updates!

9/25/23 - redid art page

9/23/23 - working on ocs and projects

9/21/23 - tomodachi life shrine

9/19/23 - houseki no kuni shrine

9/18/23 - shrine updates

9/14/23 - new landing page (again)

8/31/23 - back to the old landing page

8/30/23 - new landing page

8/23/23 - general updates and suffering

8/22/23 - site created

link my site, if you wanna \/